Types of Log Furniture

When you are shopping online with Frontier Log Furniture you will find many different types of log furniture.  Our log furniture selection ranges from Pine, Hickory, Cedar and Aspen log species.  All of the materials we use for our products are obtained with environmentally friendly harvesting practices.  Determining the style you are looking for in your house will help you determine the type of log furniture that will best fit your needs.  Pine log furniture is the species of wood that Frontier Log Furniture primarily builds its products from.  It has very unique characteristics that allow the furniture to take on its own identity. Pine log furniture has different colors and shapes that can be constructed into almost any custom piece of furniture that you can imagine.  We have been in business for over 35 years and have used our time tested construction techniques to build pine log railing and furniture throughout the world.  Hickory furniture is a very dense tight barked hardwood that has quite different characteristics than pine.  Hickory log furniture can be steamed and bent into various different shapes to fit your exact needs.  It is a bit smaller in nature, which makes the furniture not as heavy or big as pine log furniture.  Some people prefer to have bigger log and some prefer a smaller log when they choose their log bed, log bunk bed or chair.  Both Hickory and Pine log furniture can be stained or finished in various different types of finish to give you an exact color match or look for your existing products.  Cedar log furniture has a soft smooth appearance and often has many different types of curved and twisted branches to give you a natural forked appearance.  It also uses a bigger diameter log in its furniture construction, giving Cedar Log Beds and Bunk beds a massive, grand appearance.  Aspen log furniture is much harder than Cedar or Pine, but has a similar appearance and style as Cedar Furniture.  Pine, Hickory, Cedar and Aspen logs can all be formed to build your dream creation.  Frontier Log Furniture looks forward to providing our product for next home; project or commercial building.