Hospitality Furniture

When you have been in business for over 38 years, you have a few stories to tell. Today we are reflecting on our commercial clients in the hospitality industry. What is the Hospitality Industry? Easy… Hotels, lodges, condo projects, golf courses, guest ranches, restaurants, etc.

Frontier Log Furniture has long been the favorite source of designers and architects to one simple reason. Quality. It doesn’t hurt that we have the ability to produce our log and rustic furniture extremely well and at a great price, while meeting delivery deadlines. We have furnished some of the finest resorts and restaurants in North America. Ski resorts, in Tahoe. Fishing lodges in Minnesota. Dude ranches in Montana. Restaraunts on Flathead Lake. Check, we can do that!

Next time you are in the market for hospitality furniture, of the rustic nature, consider Frontier Log Furniture. We can help you with every aspect, whether it be custom furniture, standard line or anywhere in between. We have long standing relationships with some of the finest American Manufacturers too. So if you are looking for lighting, flooring, area rugs, mattresses, we got you covered. We are a full service furnishing outfit!

Call Adam and get your bid rolling today! Need references, we have a pile of them.