Pine Log Railing

For the last 25+ years Frontier Log Furniture has not only been the leader in rustic log furniture, but we have also built log railing for homes all over NW Montana. Interior railing, exterior railing, you name it, we have built it! We fabricate the majority of the log railing job in our Somers, Montana workshop, then we go on site with our mobile railing workshop, to custom fit the job on site. Add functional beauty to your home with Frontier log railing.

If you are in the market for log railing for your new home, addition or remodel, let Frontier Log Furniture have the opportunity to bid your job. Experience the difference that over 35 years in business can provide on your next project! 1-866-857-3525 or 406-857-3525

Log Railing
log railing
railing stairwell

railing stairwell