Log Bedroom Furniture

Hands down our most popular log furniture is for the bedroom. We have built tons of styles of log beds from custom to our standard lines, you can rest assured that they are as strong as they are beautiful. Each log bed and log bunk bed is built from hand selected lodgepole pine, that is harvested locally with as minimal impact to the environment as possible. Once the logs are peeled and ready to be cut and assembled our master craftsman select the perfect logs for the perfect spot on each piece of our log bedroom furniture. You can choose from a variety of peel styles, some leave the bark, some remove a bit of the bark and some people like no bark at all an prefer to have their log bedroom furniture stained to suit their needs.


For over 35 years Frontier Log Furniture has been the industry leader in log furniture. Our log bedroom furniture is such a transitional type furnishing that you can essentially build the exact same style, but by using different character in the logs and different peel and stain options, you can have a whole home full of our log bedroom furniture and no two pieces will look the same.


We do many hospitality jobs, so if you are looking to furnish a hotel, condo project, ski lodge or any other commercial project, we would love the opportunity to bid our Montana Log Furniture in your next project. We have worked with interior designers, architects, builders and homeowners to ensure the perfect furniture for your decorating project. From country living, to the ski lodge and even in the Western bunk house, our log furniture is durable, beautiful and can be a great addition to your living quarters!

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