How To Make Log Furniture

Frontier Log furniture is made by selecting dead standing lodgepole pine logs that are salvaged from the forest.  A team of our log furniture craftsmen will select these pine logs based on unique character and solid appearance to limit the amount of cracking or checking.  After we select a large amount of the logs, we will cut them to a standard length and bring them back to our log furniture workshop.  We then stack them according to log diameter and natural characteristics.  When our log furniture is ordered by a customer, we bring our logs into the workshop to dry.  Pine logs by nature will crack a little bit more during the drying process thus giving each log an even more unique look.  After the drying process, our craftsmen will build each log furniture piece to the exact design specifics of our customer.  We have three different types of log finish.  One finish is called a skip peel finish, which means that the log is hand peeled by or craftsmen leaving a little of the log bark remaining.  Another finish is called a clean peel finish, which means that the log is hand peeled leaving no log bark remaining.  The final finish is called the rustic bark finish, which means that we leave the tight bark on the log and sand off the loose bark that remains.   All three finish types are unique in that they all offer a completely different log look.  Once the bark has been peeled or sanded we take each log and cut it to its proper length.   The final steps of the log furniture process include doweling each log and fitting them in their precise location according to our log furniture plans.   Frontier Log Furniture offers more than eighty standard log furniture designs and can build custom designs to fit your exact needs.  Our skilled log craftsmen have over 100 years of combined log furniture manufacturing experience and they look forward to building your dream piece.

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