Custom Log Furniture

Ever get tired of trying to make the dimension of the piece of furniture that you are buying, fit the space? Well, at Frontier Log Furniture, we can fully customize your log furniture to suit your needs. Sure, we have standard lines that we offer, but every week we are running custom pieces, from armoires and entertainment centers to custom log beds. If you see an item on our site that you love but the dimensions aren’t quite right, just give us a call and we can go through the design that you are looking for to see if it is a reality.

Homeowners and commercial properties alike are clients that we have customized pieces of our log furniture for. You also have the option of adding extra character to your order, which means that the piece of log furniture that you receive is going to be a truly original piece. See the snow bend log bed for an idea of the difference that adding character can make to a piece of log furniture.

Our shop crew is composed of some of the most talented craftsmen on the planet. Whether we are creating your custom log railing, building your log bed, or staining a custom job, you can rest assured that each of our crew measures themselves to the highest quality standards and truly enjoys creating your log furniture, and it shows in every piece of furniture that leaves the Frontier Furniture workshop.

Happy snowy January from Somers, Montana, and the crew at Frontier. Creating log furniture masterpieces for over 35 years!

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