Custom Log Furniture

Ever get tired of trying to make the dimension of the piece of furniture that you are buying, fit the space? Well, at Frontier Log Furniture, we can fully customize your log furniture to suit your needs. Sure, we have standard lines that we offer, but every week we are running custom pieces, from armoires and entertainment centers to custom log beds. If you see an item on our site that you love but the dimensions aren’t quite right, just give us a call and we can go through the design that you are looking for to see if it is a reality.

Homeowners and commercial properties alike are clients that we have customized pieces of our log furniture for. You also have the option of adding extra character to your order, which means that the piece of log furniture that you receive is going to be a truly original piece. See the snow bend log bed for an idea of the difference that adding character can make to a piece of log furniture.

Our shop crew is composed of some of the most talented craftsmen on the planet. Whether we are creating your custom log railing, building your log bed, or staining a custom job, you can rest assured that each of our crew measures themselves to the highest quality standards and truly enjoys creating your log furniture, and it shows in every piece of furniture that leaves the Frontier Furniture workshop.

Happy snowy January from Somers, Montana, and the crew at Frontier. Creating log furniture masterpieces for over 35 years!

Pine Log Beds

One thing that we love to build in our Montana workshop is log beds and log bunk beds. We have several styles of pine log beds and bunk beds that are sure to meet your sleeping capacity and style needs.

Our Glacier log bunk bed is a a truly unique piece that is build from lodgepole pine and has the ladder incorporated right into the foot board. You can get this style in a number of configurations from twin over twin to extra long twin over queen styles. The ability to have this bunk scaled to fit you needs allows you to sleep more people comfortably. This log bunk bed is a favorite for many homeowners, but also a really popular furnishing for folks that own commercial properties, that are used as timeshares or for rental income, as you can sleep a lot of people of in some of these configurations. 

Our Snow Bend log bed is a favorite of customers all over North America! No two beds are alike, as each bed has its own unique character that has be molded by mother nature herself. In higher elevations as snow accumulates on the trees they often “bow” to the weight, this causes them to grow somewhat differently and allows us to create a truly unique log bed that is custom made for you. Each of these log beds is built based on the logs available at the time each bed is made so your bed will be a one of a kind.

Whether you are looking for a log bed or log bunk bed, Frontier Log Furniture can make the perfect bed to complement your rustic home or cabin. Looking to furnish a commercial hotel or condo project? Well we have excellent references and past experience with government and the private sector too. See the difference 35+ years of building log furniture can make in your next furnishing project.

Log Bedroom Furniture

Hands down our most popular log furniture is for the bedroom. We have built tons of styles of log beds from custom to our standard lines, you can rest assured that they are as strong as they are beautiful. Each log bed and log bunk bed is built from hand selected lodgepole pine, that is harvested locally with as minimal impact to the environment as possible. Once the logs are peeled and ready to be cut and assembled our master craftsman select the perfect logs for the perfect spot on each piece of our log bedroom furniture. You can choose from a variety of peel styles, some leave the bark, some remove a bit of the bark and some people like no bark at all an prefer to have their log bedroom furniture stained to suit their needs.


For over 35 years Frontier Log Furniture has been the industry leader in log furniture. Our log bedroom furniture is such a transitional type furnishing that you can essentially build the exact same style, but by using different character in the logs and different peel and stain options, you can have a whole home full of our log bedroom furniture and no two pieces will look the same.


We do many hospitality jobs, so if you are looking to furnish a hotel, condo project, ski lodge or any other commercial project, we would love the opportunity to bid our Montana Log Furniture in your next project. We have worked with interior designers, architects, builders and homeowners to ensure the perfect furniture for your decorating project. From country living, to the ski lodge and even in the Western bunk house, our log furniture is durable, beautiful and can be a great addition to your living quarters!

Pine Log Railing

For the last 25+ years Frontier Log Furniture has not only been the leader in rustic log furniture, but we have also built log railing for homes all over NW Montana. Interior railing, exterior railing, you name it, we have built it! We fabricate the majority of the log railing job in our Somers, Montana workshop, then we go on site with our mobile railing workshop, to custom fit the job on site. Add functional beauty to your home with Frontier log railing.

If you are in the market for log railing for your new home, addition or remodel, let Frontier Log Furniture have the opportunity to bid your job. Experience the difference that over 35 years in business can provide on your next project! 1-866-857-3525 or 406-857-3525

Log Railing
log railing
railing stairwell

railing stairwell

Frontier Log Furniture Update

Hello Home Furnishing Fans,

With the new year comes some new services from Frontier Log Furniture! We are always looking for ways to improve our communication and help to provide you with the absolute best service, and log furniture, that is available anywhere in the USA or Canada. We have added Hickory Log Furniture and Aspen Log Furniture to our site and showrooms in the past few weeks so now you can get the best pine log furniture from us, or order American Made aspen and hickory furniture too! We look forward to a great 2012.